People are at the heart of what we do, which is why people are at the heart of Meet The People.

After decades working in independent agencies, large holding companies and on the client side, Meet The People has set out to rethink how real integrated agencies should operate to help brands succeed in a digital-first, direct-to-consumer environment.

We are proven entrepreneurs with deep operational skills, dedicated to disrupting the traditional advertising holding company model and mindset by recentering on people—with skills, transparency and honesty. Our leadership team members serve as enablers, mentors, career-makers and facilitators to our growing group of incredible people.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion are not just a commitment for Meet The People, but also a means of success for all. The more our work represents the differing societies, communities and individuals it intends to reach, the more thoughtful and effective it will be. Meet The People agencies are guided by a simple and straightforward mission: embrace unity through diversity—respecting all lives, experiences and unique interactions.

Our goal at Meet The People is to help our colleagues and partners to examine and address unconscious biases, build cultural competency, speak out in the face of prejudice or hate, and work together to empower racial and social justice.

Culture and our work

We have to say what we think. We have to do what we say. And we have to be what we do.

It’s OK to be human and make mistakes you learn from...

Our villages are designed to facilitate collaboration between full-time and part-time employees, as well as our clients, our business partners and our community tables. As COVID has taught us, people can work together through a variety of different structures—whether that is in the same room, on a video call or a combination of the two.

Our goal at Meet The People and for our industry is to prioritize a better balance between a traditional financially oriented career path and a respectful, inspiring and flexible work environment.

Many of our community members are driven by the agility and flexibility that Meet The People and our clients offer—by delivering a platform where every person can be as engaged and involved as their skill and career ambition allow them to be.


Meet The People is already home to more than 400 full-time people, and it’s connected to thousands of part-time creators and collaborators worldwide. We encourage and empower all of our people to work 100% flexibly, whether remotely from their home offices or from our physical offices and shared workspaces in the following locations: 

United States—New York, Chicago, Boulder/Denver, San Francisco, Portsmouth, St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia (MO), and Minneapolis 
Canada—Toronto and Calgary 
Europe—Coming soon 
Asia—Coming soon

Recruiting and hiring

Whether someone has a creative role, a strategist function, a data specialty or any other discipline in our industry, we welcome and attract some of the best people in the world. See our open positions: 
VSA Partners 
Public Label 
Match Retail 
True Media US 
True Media Canada