The world doesn’t need another huge agency holding company. What it needs is a family of companies where talent leads, owners operate and clients rediscover trust. We’re building that.

Our aim is to enable individual agencies and owners to belong to something bigger while respecting their independence. To be part of an international group of hundreds of entrepreneurs and creators, unified in one ownership structure that strives to deliver the most cutting-edge solutions to brands of all sizes and scales.

Our model and our capabilities intentionally disrupt the traditional agency holding company landscape and are dedicated to serving clients, inspiring our own talent and empowering consumers in an increasingly transparent and digital-first world.

What we’re made of

We set out to reimagine what a truly integrated model should look like. And then we built it. And then we built again. And we will continue to build it. Because marketing and advertising are not static. They are constantly evolving channels, mediums and philosophies. And the only way to keep up with a constantly evolving target is to evolve as well. What Meet The People looks like today will not be what Meet The People will look like tomorrow.

Our deliverables are built on six core centers of excellence, each of which is supported by six operational drivers—ways of working that permeate the group across disciplines, connecting one center of excellence to another. Individually, they are powerful. Together, they are an irresistible force for our clients, their brands and their consumers.


Centers of excellence:

  • Brand Strategy and Organizational Transformation
  • Creative and Content
  • Media and Channel Activation
  • Customer and Brand Experience/Events
  • Product and Brand Development
  • Digital Transformation


Operational drivers:

  • Rigor
  • Culture
  • Agility
  • People Management
  • Data
  • Technology