Thomas Armbruster

Global COO

Tom is our financially driven Global COO who loves to reduce complexity and focus on core strengths (he hates bullshit). His goal is to create hands-on structures based on his analytical skills. He started his career in banking and has advised entrepreneurs on corporate finance matters for 15 years. After meeting Tim, he went on the other side of the table and now enjoys being an entrepreneur in his own right. The journey with Tim started in 2009, in Germany, where Tom had the pleasure of supporting the management team in growing metapeople, a performance marketing company, to one of the leading agencies in Europe. After structuring the merger of metapeople with Artefact (previously NetBooster), he went on to manage the group with 22 locations worldwide as the Global COO. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tom managed Spring Studios, the aspirational brand agency, as the Global COO, making sure that the shape of the company was adjusted to the new market environment. Before that, he supported the growth of a Berlin-based health startup with his financial knowledge.

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