December 19, 2022

VSA Celebrates 40 Years with Campaign

VSA Partners, part of the Meet The People family, is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Since its founding in 1982, the company has become an iconic part of the Chicago advertising and design community, and has worked with top brands like IBM, Google and Nike to help companies break through in an increasingly noisy world.

To mark the milestone of its 40th year, the agency sought to do something different from the approach companies typically take to celebrate such occasions.

“We easily could have focused this anniversary as a retrospective on the exceptional work VSA is known for,” says VSA CEO Anne-Marie Rosser. “But what really makes VSA successful is our people and their laser focus on designing for a better human experience. We knew that any effort to mark our anniversary should reflect the VSA way of thinking that has driven our work for 40 years and will continue to empower us for years to come.”

With this framework, VSA created an insightful, playful and at times poignant video series exploring the power of design in all its forms. The result is a window into the minds at VSA, and how team members channel the world of design into their work.

The editorial campaign focuses on a wide range of concepts, from museum branding to detective shows to kitchen gadgets. Each video then explores how these transformational ideas have improved and enhanced the creativity of individual staff members.

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