Tim Ringel, wearing neon shoes, standing in an alley between graffitied walls

June 1, 2023

Tim Ringel on Rethinking the Agency Holding Group

Perhaps the biggest problem with the typical holding company model is the utter disregard for the individual employee.

— Meet The People CEO Tim Ringel

MTP’s very own Tim Ringel was featured in CEOWORLD magazine in May 2023.

Meet The People believes it’s time for a new approach to building and managing an agency group—one that empowers forward-thinking employees, rewards real collaboration between firms, and values true integration for the benefit of both employees and clients.

What we aim to create at Meet The People is no easy feat, but few great things are. The article highlights why we pride ourselves on being the first true people-centric holding company and how, rooted in humanity, we plan to reinvent the model.

Thank you, CEOWORLD magazine, for giving Tim a platform to share our values!