Headshots of Jim James and Tim Ringel with the title "The UnNoticed Entrepreneur" and subtitle "Refuse to Be Overlooked"

January 3, 2023

Tim Ringel Appears on “The UnNoticed Entrepreneur” Podcast

Meet The People CEO Tim Ringel recently appeared on the podcast “TheUnNoticed Entrepreneur,” hosted by Jim James.

In this episode, Tim shares how he has built and grown multiple businesses by leveraging the power of authenticity. From standing out in the investor crowd to building cohesive businesses, Tim uses authenticity and care to differentiate his message and infuse his companies with a soul of true purpose. He also discusses how you can continue to be authentic and display care as your organization scales, and in turn build a self-perpetuating culture of empathy and honesty.

Additional topics include different types and objectives of investment strategies, and how to pick the one that matches you and your mindset; creating cohesive cultures across a network of businesses that can provide structure and flexibility when needed; and how entrepreneurs can leverage programmatic marketing.

Click here to listen to the episode.