Split screen: on the left, a view of the audience at a Game Changers Collective event; at right, close-up of Tim Ringel, seated, talking into a mic

May 26, 2023

MTP Sponsors Game Changers Collective on AI

On May 25, Meet The People sponsored an event with One Earth Rising and Spring Place: “The Inevitability of AI and Its Impact.” This panel discussion is part of the Game Changers Collective series.

A thoughtfully curated panel of industry leaders shared their insights and discussed the impact and future of AI. The Game Changers panelists broke down the incredibly complex world of AI in a digestible and enjoyable manner.

Ideal for anyone interested in learning more about AI and its impact on the business world, including business owners, executives and other industry professionals, this event was designed to help attendees better understand the potential benefits and challenges of AI adoption in business and equip them with the knowledge and insights they need to stay ahead of the curve.

A range of topics was explored, including ways in which AI is transforming the business landscape, the opportunities and risks associated with AI adoption, and the strategies businesses can use to navigate this rapidly evolving field.

Hosted by Jan Roessner, CEO of One Earth Rising, the panel included leaders in the AI, strategy and creative industries:

  • Suzanne Rabicoff, General Manager, Invisible Technologies Inc.
  • Tim Ringel, Global CEO, Meet The People
  • Rob Bailey, CEO and Founder, BackboneAI
  • Doug Griffin, Managing Partner, SPATIAL Capital

Thank you to Spring Place and One Earth Rising for a fantastic evening.