Andrew Roth

Global Head of Business Strategy

When it comes to formulating successful and unique approaches to the business of marketing and advertising, Andrew Roth, Global Head of Business Strategy for Meet The People, brings an evolved vision supported by his years of working with recognized industry leaders. In his prior work as the EVP and head of innovation and corporate development for IPG DXTRA, IPG’s marketing solutions hub, Andrew was responsible for the identification and execution of new and uncharted integrated marketing efforts across 27 disparate agencies. As EVP and head of corporate development and business strategy for iconic industry brand Weber Shandwick, Andrew designed and oversaw the implementation of the agency’s investment and acquisition strategies, focusing on ways to bring emerging technology and other nontraditional solutions to the firm. Andrew was also co-founder and chief strategy officer for Bomoda, a data science and brand consultancy that was acquired by Weber Shandwick. Prior to focusing on the evolution of the marketing business, Andrew started his career in private equity—first as an attorney, and then in business development and corporate strategy at Blackstone.